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Give cryptocurrency to people in need.

GiveCrypto is a nonprofit that distributes cryptocurrency to people living in poverty.

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We are sharing the live results of our randomized controlled trial that compares the benefits of giving cash and crypto.

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How It Works

We distribute your cryptocurrency to impact communities and help drive the real-world utility of crypto.

Step 1

Donate Crypto

Put your crypto to work to benefit the world.

Step 2

We Distribute It

We make direct cash transfers to those in need.

Step 3

Empower People

People use the funds in their local economy.

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Our mission is to financially empower people by distributing cryptocurrency globally.

Two billion people have smartphones, but don't have access to basic financial services.

We give cryptocurrency to people to help connect them to an open financial system.

Recipients can:

  • Cash out crypto to their local currency
  • Buy goods and services they need
  • Transact in crypto or hold it long term

A video from our founder

“Given the enormous wealth creation from cryptocurrency, and the future potential upside, I believe there is a rare opportunity to create a large non-profit fund.”

- Brian Armstrong, Founder

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The Team

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Brian Armstrong

CEO, Coinbase

Brian had the idea for GiveCrypto after seeing the enormous wealth creation from cryptocurrency and wanting to harness it for good. His personal mission is to help accelerate the world to an open financial system by spreading the adoption of cryptocurrency. Brian is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase the largest digital currency exchange.

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Joe Waltman

Executive Director

Joe has a software background and spent the previous ten years co-founding early stage technology start-ups. As the Executive Director Joe will define and implement GiveCrypto's strategy; helping people in need by distributing cryptocurrency.


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