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Brian Armstrong's Headshot

Brian Armstrong

CEO, Coinbase

Chris Larsen's Headshot

Chris Larsen

Executive Chairman, Ripple

Zooko Wilcox's Headshot

Zooko Wilcox

CEO, the Zcash Company


Ben Delo's Headshot

Ben Delo

Co-founder, BitMEX


Brad Garlinghouse's Headshot

Brad Garlinghouse

CEO, Ripple

Brock Pierce's Headshot

Brock Pierce

Entrepreneur, Bitcoin Foundation

Joanne and Fred Wilson's Headshot

Joanne and Fred Wilson

Matthew Roszak's Headshot

Matthew Roszak

Co-Founder, Bloq

Matt Mochary's Headshot

Matt Mochary

CEO, The Mochary Group

Bitmain's Headshot


Roger Ver's Headshot

Roger Ver


Anonymous's Headshot


Ribbit Capital's Headshot

Ribbit Capital

Ron Conway's Headshot

Ron Conway

Founder, SV Angel


Cameron Winklevoss's Headshot

Cameron Winklevoss

President, Gemini

Tyler Winklevoss's Headshot

Tyler Winklevoss

CEO, Gemini


Arthur Hayes's Headshot

Arthur Hayes

Co-founder & CEO, BitMEX

Boris Wertz's Headshot

Boris Wertz

General Partner, Version One Ventures

Fred Ehrsam's Headshot

Fred Ehrsam

Jessica Livingston's Headshot

Jessica Livingston

Founder, Partner - YCombinator

Linda Xie's Headshot

Linda Xie

Co-founder, Scalar Capital

Meltem Demirors's Headshot

Meltem Demirors

Athena Capital

Steve Jang's Headshot

Steve Jang

Founder, Kindred Ventures

Topher Conway's Headshot

Topher Conway

Partner, SV Angel

Anonymous's Headshot



Ted Rogers's Headshot

Ted Rogers

President, Xapo

Kathryn Haun's Headshot

Kathryn Haun

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